Welcome to the UW Proteomics Resource!

Quarterly UWPR Seminar

Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014, 4 - 6 pm
Foege North 130A
Refreshments outside the Auditorium at 3:45pm

Matthew Bush, PhD
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Chemistry
"Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry of Intact Protein Complexes"

Miguel Martin-Perez, PhD
Post doc, Villen Lab
"Tracing metabolic labelling in prototroph organisms for protein turnover analyses"

The University of Washington's Proteomics Resource (UWPR) is a proteomics facility whose mission is to advance proteomic technologies and apply these technologies to significant biological problems. The UWPR will perform experiments motivated by UWPR members as well as collaborate on projects with the larger UW community.

The UWPR is operated as a Cost Center through which institutional users (academic, non-profit and corporate) contribute to the upkeep of the resource by means of a recharge system. Rates are based on the operating costs and individual instrument usage. All rates are reviewed and approved by the University of Washington Administration and are subject to change.

The UWPR is located at the UW's South Lake Union campus and provides access to state of the art instrumentation and computational support for Resource members and their collaborators. The UWPR is governed by a Resource Advisory group that is currently composed of Bob Waterson, Mike MacCoss, Jay Heinecke, Trisha Davis, Stan Fields, Jim Bruce, Judit Villen, Alejandro Wolf-Yadlin, Shao-En Ong, Andy Hoofnagle, Tomas Vaisar and Matthew Bush.

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