How to get here from campus
There is a shuttle (small white bus) that runs between the UW Medical Center (UWMC) and SLU. The shuttle stops on campus at UWMC, Pacific AVE NE, and campus parkway and brings you to the UWMC SLU campus on Republican St. The Proteomics Resource is located in the Brotman building (D) in the north eastern corner of the block (9th Ave and Mercer).

Here's a link to the UW SLU shuttle schedule.

When you arrive, proceed to the reception area in building C and notify receptionist of whom you're here to visit.

There is limited street parking in the area. During business hours (7:00AM to 5:30PM), guests can enter the SLU parking garage on Republican Street. Take elevator to lobby Reception and contact your host.

Parking Payment Process
When entering the parking garage, pull a ticket from the ticket dispenser. When you are ready to leave the facility, take your ticket to the kiosk and follow prompted instructions for payment. The kiosk will issue you a stamped card marked “paid” for you to insert into the ticket dispenser at the gate as you leave. Once payment is completed at the kiosk, you will have 15-minutes to use your ticket at the outgoing ticket machine at the exit gate. Be certain you do not exceed the 15-minute exit window as the parking system will void your payment and cancel your exit pass.

You must have a parking ticket in your possession that has been paid for before you will be allowed to exit the garage. All daily parkers in the garages will be required to pay for their parking privileges before exiting the garage, no exceptions will be granted. If you have problems exiting the gate push the call button and a security guard will be dispatched to assist you. The call center will no longer have the authority to allow exiting without proof of payment.

Daily parking rates have been adjusted to reflect current market rates in SLU and continue to provide reasonable rates for short-term patient and visitor parking. Current rates are posted at the kiosks, the entrance/exit gates and at the SLU reception.

After hours & Weekend Parking (subject to change without notice, check with reception desk personel)
850 Garage - After 5:30 pm weekdays and all day on weekends, parking is free. Parkers need to pull a ticket at the entrance gate any time after 5:30pm during the week or anytime Saturday or Sunday, when exiting simply insert the ticket at the exit gate prior to 6:00am the following day.
750 Garage - After 5:30 pm weekdays only. Weekend parking is not free in the 750 Garage.
Motorcycle riders should contact UW Transportation Services for information on available options. Motorcycle riders who use the self-pay (daily) option pay the same rate as automobiles.

Address: 850 Republican St., Seattle, WA 98109-4714
Google Street View of the SLU campus from Republication Street.