• Proteomics: Protein Identification and Quantification

  • Protein Preparation and Separation
    Protocols related to protein extraction from tissues, cells, body fluids and
    protein modification methods (SILAC, cross linking, etc) and
    protein separation: Cell fractionation, HPLC/FPLC, IP, etc

  • Protein Digestion
    protocols related to protein digestion, labeling protocols for peptide quantification like iTRAQ and TMT are here too.

  • Peptide Separation
    protocols related to peptide separation and cleanup, SCX, avidin, IMAC, SPE etc

  • LC-MS
    LC-MS methods: column packing, nano HPLC, LC-MS setup
    LC-MS related hardware (NSI source, sparging kit, pressure cells)

  • UWPR Safety
    Here you'll find safety related resources like the safety manual, SOP etc.