The LTQ offers legendary MSn performance, incorporating more techniques to generate structural information through innovations in ion trap technology.  The LTQ offers two dissociation techniques, CID and PQD.  Pulsed Q Collision Induced Dissociation (PQD) is a patented technique that eliminates the low mass cut-off concern inherent with all ion traps.  This results in extensive coverage for predicted and unpredicted metabolites, and the ability to perform peptide quantification using iTRAQ™ labels.

9/13/2006 Installed
6/1/2012 Retired

    Mass range
  • m/z 15 to 200 Da
  • m/z 50 to 2 000 Da
  • m/z 200 to 4 000 Da
  • Down to 0.05 FWHM (full width half maximum with Ultra ZoomScan)
    Available scan functions
  • Collision induced dissociation (CID)
  • Pulsed Q collision induced dissociation (PQD)