LTQ XL with ETD option (LTQ-ETD)

The LTQ XL™ extends the legendary MSn performance of the LTQ™, incorporating more techniques to generate structural information through innovations in ion trap technology.  The LTQ XL is the only mass spectrometer that offers multiple dissociation techniques,CID, PQD and ETD.  Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD) enables peptide dissociation by transferring electrons to positively charged peptides, leading to a rich ladder of sequence ions derived from cleavage at the amide groups along the peptide backbone. Amino acid side chains and important modifications such as phosphorylation are left intact.

8/28/2007 Installed
1/24/2013 Retired

    Mass range
  • m/z 15 to 200 Da
  • m/z 50 to 2 000 Da
  • m/z 200 to 4 000 Da
  • Down to 0.05 FWHM (full width half maximum with Ultra ZoomScan)
    Polarity Switching
  • 100 msec between positive and negative
    Available scan functions
  • Collision induced dissociation (CID)
  • Pulsed Q collision induced dissociation (PQD)
  • Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD)