LTQ-Orbitrap XL

The new LTQ Orbitrap XL hybrid FT mass spectrometer combines a linear ion trap MS and the Orbitrap mass analyzer. It is the ultimate protein identification and biomarker discovery platform featuring unsurpassed sensitivity in MS and MSn, rapid scan rate, high mass accuracy and up to 100K resolution power. The LTQ Orbitrap XL features the new HCD collision cell for increased flexibility in MS/MS fragmentation applications including iTRAQâ„¢-based peptide quantitation and PTM analysis.

7/17/07 LTQ-OT 1 (SN01323B) Installed, 9/1/2020 Retired
8/16/07 LTQ-OT 2 (SN01322B) Installed, 10/1/2015 Retired

    Mass range
  • 50 to 2 000 Da (Orbitrap detection)
  • 50 to 2 000 Da (Ion Trap detection)
  • 60 000 at m/z 400 at a scan repetition rate of 1 Hz
  • > 100 000 at m/z 400 at slower scan repetition rates
    Mass accuracy
  • < 5 ppm RMS error with external calibration
  • < 2 ppm RMS error with internal calibration
  • sub femtomole
    Available scan functions
  • Collision induced dissociation (CID)
  • Pulsed Q collision induced dissociation (PQD)
  • Higher Energy Collisional Dissociation (HCD)