TSQ Altis

The TSQ Altis, a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, offers improved Active Ion Management (AIMâ„¢) technology, segmented quadrupoles, novel electron multipliers, and enhanced ion transmission tubes.

Visit the Thermo TSQ Altis website for more information and for some nice animations

TSQ Altis (TSQ-A-10306 / UW tag 2033410), Installed 10/16/2018


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    Mass range
  • m/z 5 to 2000 Da
  • 600 SRMs/sec
  • Selectivity 0.2 Da FWHM for high resolutions SRM
  • Sensitivity 500 000 : 1
    Available scan functions
  • Collision induced dissociation (CID)
  • 3000 times SRMs (T-SRMs)
  • QED-MS/MS - Simultaneous quantitation and structural confirmation
  • iSRM - intelligent SRM

Instrument control software

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Instrument calibrations

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Collision Energy Calculation

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For collision energy calculation check out our MRM/SRM overview page.

Base Collision Energy (CE) Equations TSQ Altis (based on template method from Thermo):

  • TSQ Altis (1.5 mTorr) 2 + peptide: CE = 0.0339 x m/z + 2.3398
  • TSQ Altis (1.5 mTorr) 3 + peptide: CE = 0.0295 x m/z + 1.4831

HPLC setup

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the following documents are guidelines to setup the capillary trap/column on our LC-MS systems, this is intended as a supplement to the hands on training required to use the UWPR instruments.

Peptide Standards

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