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The UWPR nanospray source was first designed in 2007 to be used on ThermoFisher instruments (LTQ, LTQ-OrbitrapXL and TSQ) over the years the flexible design was modified and today fits all the Thermo instruments (including QExactive series and the new source design on the Tribrid series instruments as well as the TSQ Altis).

If you use any of our source designs for your research, please refer to the UWPR nanospray source or UWPR NSI source and reference our website. Thanks!

The UWPR NSI source offers all the benefits and features of commercial NSI sources:

  • Lower flow rates: no drying gas or thermal heating is required and increased sensitivity compared to higher flow ESI
  • Higher tolerance to a wide variety of liquid compositions than conventional ESI

But in addition this NSI source offers significant improvements over most commercial sources:

  • Great flexibility: it accommodates columns of all length, in house packed or commercial columns, as well as configurations with traps, spray tips etc.
  • The source can be customized to your specific needs: e.g. mounting of cameras, LED lights or anything else you can think of
  • Additionally this NSI source can be used in conjunction with the Thermo NSI probes (static , dynamic and packed tip probe)
  • The open design allows for leaks to be detected immediately
  • Significantly lower cost, you can download parts list and instruction how to assemble it for free, allowing you to build the NSI source at a fraction of the cost of commercial sources
  • All the parts are commercially available

Another alternative to use your own columns with the Thermo Easy-spray source:
Jailbreak Column Heater for the Thermo Easy-spray Source from Phoenix S&T

The UWPR is currently using the NSI source on all of our Thermo instruments.

UWPR NSI source images

UWPR NSI source on the Fusion with trap and 30cm analytical column

UWPR NSI source on the QExactive Plus with trap and 30cm analytical column and optional LED light

UWPR NSI source on LTQ-Orbitrap XL

UWPR NSI source on TSQ Vantage

UWPR NSI source