UWPR Pressure Cell

Pressure cells are designed to pack/load microbore capillaries, such as polyimide coated fused silica. They can be used to pack columns and pre-columns (traps) with a slurry of beads or to load samples onto packed traps or columns. We routinely use 360 µm OD capillaries with 50-150 µm ID's to pack columns and traps with 3-5 µm beads of various chemistries (C18, SCX).

There are a couple of good movies at benchfly.com that show how it's done:

The documents on this site are intended to help you setup your own packing station and pack/load columns. You can order the machined parts from emachineshop.com (or any other machine shop) or buy a pressure cell from one of the commercial sources (some of them are listed in the documents).

The files below are CAD drawings for the pressure cell body and lid.
Download the free CAD drawing software from http://www.emachineshop.com to view the files:

Here are some links to a commercially available pressure cells: